Just a few e-mails from our customers
I haved used your product "Pro-Wax" for the last three years on my Harley and found it to be superior to "all" other wax & detailers on the market. After using no other wax, my bikes paint, chrome and windshield looks like new. I just purchased your new product "Cherry Bomb" detailer. Well this morning I had a few minutes to spare before going to work, I'm thinking..... my bikes full of bugs from the last ride and I should clean it. I started to use your "Cherry Bomb" product..... The words that come to mind is "Holy Crap" this stuff is great ! Not only did all of the bugs, grime and whatever else was stuck on the front fairing, chrome forks, windshield, fenders, etc. come off, but..... the SHINE ! There was .....SPARKLE,.....CLEAN,.....a Mirror reflection. Like I said before your "Pro-Wax" is superior to "all" other waxes I've tried on the market, and I would have never used anything else, but this "Cherry Bomb" detailer is something that words can't describe..... only a smile can tell, and yes here it is 4 hours later and I'm still smiling. Again Thank You, Sincerely Brian C. Grayslake IL.
We been using and selling "Brite One" products for years. It's a simple and easy to use product for our customers' motorcycles. One swipe does it all; paint, chrome, fiberglass, lexan, metals, etc. We sell a bunch of it ! Our parts manager loves it and so do the customers. Chuck Kreisl owner of Calumet Harley-Davidson Munster IN.
I just wanted to let you know that I tried "Pro-Wax" on my 1970 and 2008 Dodge Challengers, and I'm so impressed with the results, that I have purchased an additional 4 bottles to share with my friends. Thanks Again, Gary G.
I just purchased a new truck and the older gentelman who detailed it said he uses Brite One products on his corvettes and absolutely loves it ! He was right ! Aron C.
This stuff is great ! Slippery as it gets. After you apply it and let's say you hit some bugs, they wipe right off ! Road Captain (from the H.D. forums)
Thanks' to the thousands of E-mail letters sent by our fans !